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Davali Armor 3D Model for VRChat / NeosVR / ChilloutVR

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Going for a military look? Wanting to look the deal while playing some laser tag? Or just want to have some snazy armor for fun?

Then you've found the right model!


Easy to customize Substance Painter 2021 (pre-Adobe) File included.
The helmet, chest and back pieces as well as the four cannisters can be painted completely individually, while the shoulder, arm and leg portions as well as the belt are mirrored on the UV. The mesh maps have been rendered in 8k with separate models to prevent any problems arising from the UV mirroring. The model itself is fully set up to make use of Substance Painter's mesh selection tools as well.

The whole set of armor takes just under 9k Triangles and requires two materials with one set of textures (one material for the opaque armor, one for the transparent visor).

For now it comes with one design for armor itself, but more will be available here in time.
Additionally, a design for an underarmor suit will be added too.


Setup in Unity is as easy as following the process shown in the video that makes the third product image. It's also included in the downloads when you purchase the armor. Here's a step-by-step in text too, though:

  • Drag the Model into your Avatar's hierarchy
  • Unpack the Prefab this creates
  • Drag the CopyBones script onto the Da'vali Armor object
  • Drag the Body object from your Avatar into the CopyBones script's Original field
  • Start the Scene and copy the Skinned Mesh Renderer component on the Da'vali Armor object
  • Stop the Scene and paste the values back into the renderer component
  • You can now remove the armature that comes with the armor and the CopyBones script
  • Also drag the Hips of your Avatar's armature into the Root Bone field on the Skinned Mesh Renderer component of the Da'vali Armor
  • Now pick out the Materials you want to use and you're all done!


The model itself was made by my friend SergantZero and another friend did the UVing of it. Meanwhile I did the rigging and created the textures, as well as handling the sales here of course.


If you want to use this model in NeosVR, you can find me or SergantZero there too. You can get an already set-up copy from us and we'll show you where to add your Avatar Protection on it.

It can be equipped by putting on the helmet or another part, which then allows toggling the rest of the armor on and off.


You're free to use this armor for whatever avatars you create for yourself. For now this doesn't include any publicly cloneable avatars. You're not allowed to redistribute the model to people that haven't bought it (this includes the Substance Painter file), or claim it as your own.

I'm not responsible for any administrative actions taken against you while using this asset, and the files are provided as-is, with no guarantees.

Since this is a purely digital product, no refunds will be issued.


You can contact me on my Business Twitter, or through the Group and Details attached to my Telegram Channel. You can also find me on various Avali Servers and the Neos Discord of course.

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You'll get access to a Unity package containing the model and textures, as well as the Substance Painter file for creating your own. You also get the video guide and the Blender file, if you want to modify the armor.

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Davali Armor 3D Model for VRChat / NeosVR / ChilloutVR

5 ratings
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