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Davali HexaVisor 3D Model for VRChat / NeosVR / ChilloutVR

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Looking for a nice accessory to flesh out your Avatar?

Grab this Visor with a nice Hexagon-Pattern for your Davali-Avatar.

What's Included

For the low-low price of at least 0$ (I'd appreciate a tip, though!), you get:

  • FBX-files for the Visor- and Display-Meshes, the latter offering different UV mappings.
  • Textures for the main Visor and an artificial horizon flight display (see last image).
  • A Unity-package with Prefabs for the Davali-Avatar, that you can simply drag onto the Head bone of the Armature.
  • The Substance Painter 2021 project file for the textures.
  • The Blender file, in case you want to make your own edits without importing a bunch of FBX files.

If you're on Neos, you can grab my pre-setup versions from my Public Folder, which come with an automatic local mesh switch to make it easily useable for people without near clip.


How to use the Textures

All the included Textures are in monochrome grey, which means that you can easily adjust them to your preferred color.
Simply import them to Unity, Neos, or whichever program you want to use them, select a Standard Specular shader for all Materials - setting the Materials for the Visor and Display to Transparent, but for the Emitter to Opaque, then adjust the HDR or Tint values on the Albedo and Emission textures.


These meshes, textures and the substance file are free / PWYW, so you're free to distribute the contents. You can't claim that you've created them though, and I'd appreciate linking back to the Gumroad page as a source if you get asked.

The original model for the visor was made by Brins0, which was extended and received new textures from me.

Since this is a purely digital product, no refunds will be issued.


You can contact me on my Business Twitter, or through the Group and Details attached to my Telegram Channel. You can also find me on the Avali Army, as well as the SD and Neos Discord Servers.

In-game images taken in NeosVR.

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You get... all the files used for these, really: Exported Models, Textures, Unity Package, Substance Painter Project, Blender Project.

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Davali HexaVisor 3D Model for VRChat / NeosVR / ChilloutVR

22 ratings
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