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DolphinitelyGood Collar 3D Model for VRChat / NeosVR / ChilloutVR

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Looking for a collar you can put on your avatar?
Want something that you can physically get outside of VR, too?

Then you've found the right model!


  • Very close resemblance to the Collars you can physically get from me (see cover pictures)!
  • Easy to customize Substance Painter File included, that comes with all the available colors for the metal parts, too!
  • Growing number of Unity Prefabs for the right position and scale on different Avatar Models!
  • Comes with three variants, separate materials for every part, unified, and with a bone so it isn't completely static on one's neck.
  • Pretty Good Performance™ - About 5k Triangles and just one Material needed.

Cross Promotion

If you already bought one of these and want to get a real one, you can get 5€ off (once) - if you've already got a real one and want to get one of these, you can get 50% off!


Assuming you already have your Avatar Project set up, you only need to drop the DolphinitelyGoodCollar-Base package into it, optionally followed by a fitting one of the Avatar-specific Prefab packages.

After that you can either drag your choice of model into the Avatar's Armature as a child of the Neck component, and then manually adjust its position until you're satisfied; or you can drag the Prefab matching your Avatar into that position, instantly getting it right in place.

Finally, if you want the collar to move a bit and adjust to different positions of your Avatar, you'll want to set up the Dynamic Bone Colliders in a similar way to the examples that come with the Avatar-specific Prefabs, or exactly follow one, if you're using one of the Prefabs.


If you want to use this model in NeosVR, you can find me there too. You can get an already set-up copy from me and I'll show you where to add Avatar Protection on it.
It works with the clippable leash someone made to tug someone around with it, too.


There's currently Avatar-specific Prefabs available for these models:

  • Davali


You're free to use it for whatever Avatars you create for yourself, or make publicly cloneable for others. However you're not allowed to redistribute the model to people that haven't bought it (this includes the Substance Painter file), or claim it as your own.
I'm not responsible for any administrative actions taken against you while using this asset, and the files are provided as-is, with no guarantees.

Since this is a purely digital product, no refunds will be issued.


You can contact me on my Business Twitter, or through the Group and Details attached to my Telegram Channel. You can also find me on the Avali Army and SD Discord Servers.

I'd appreciate anyone sending me Avatar-specific configuration details for the Prefabs.

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You'll get access to Unity packages for importing them into your Avatar Projects, any current and future Avatar-specific Prefab packages and the Substance Painter file for creating your own custom coloration.

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DolphinitelyGood Collar 3D Model for VRChat / NeosVR / ChilloutVR

10 ratings
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