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Holographic Hexagons - Substance Painter Smart Material

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Looking for a fancy material for an advanced shield or anything holographic-looking?
This might be what you're looking for.


Just drag the Smart Material into your layer stack above your coloring, and it'll automatically take care of the glow, transparency and some fading around the edge.
Without the color under it, the material roughly looks like the second picture, although that one includes some extra fades from the Da'vali Edition, which is also featured with color underneath in the other pictures.
You only need to take care of any extra gradients you'd want for it, for example if it's supposed to get weaker when getting further away from whatever your emitter is supposed to be.
You'll want to cap your color's Value at 0.8 and go for a high saturation, as the material lightens it in some places. Also make sure to use a high enough resolution, so the lines don't look too blurry.
You can see how it works in the screenshot that's the last picture here.

  • Create the color base layers for whatever you're working on.
  • Drag the Smart Material above it.
  • Instant fancy holo texture!

You'll want to set the transparency type on whatever shader you're using to fade, so that the fading out edges work properly, if you set it to transparent, they'll still have full specular reflections and will look weird. Note that the materials were exported with Substance Painter 2021, so they won't import for older versions.


You're free to use this for any projects, private or commercial.
The only requirement is, that you attribute me when using it commercially.
You're not allowed redistribute these Smart Materials or edits of them to people or organizations that haven't bought them (this includes the Substance Painter project files).

Since this is a purely digital product, no refunds will be issued.


You can contact me on my Business Twitter, or through the Group and Details attached to my Telegram Channel. You can also find me on the Avali Army and SD Discord Servers.

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Holographic Hexagons - Substance Painter Smart Material

8 ratings
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