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Toy Suit Davali Textures / Substance Painter Project

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Are you a good bird that likes shinies?
Then these textures might be your thing.

Easily turn your Davali into a cute, shiny toy, with this hue-shiftable texture set, or grab the whole Substance Painter Project file for total customisation.

How to use the Textures

All the Textures are in monochrome red, which means that you can easily hue-shift them to your preferred color.

Simply open all of the textures except for the Normal Maps, that is, everything with AlbedoTransparency, Emission, or SpecularSmoothness in the name, in your favorite image manipulation software. Then use whatever the equivalent to the Color Tint / Saturation tool is there, and shift everything to the color you want.
For the Main body textures, there's an extra black & white mask file, where you'll want to use the magic wand selection tool, to select the white region and then use that same selection on the textures. This is important to exclude the inside of the Mouth and Tongue from the color shifting operations.
A quick walkthrough of this process can be found in the first video on this listing.

Once you have adjusted all the textures, you can import them to Unity, Neos, or whichever program you want to use them in. Simply select a Standard Specular shader for all Materials, and set the one for Feathers to Fade or Alpha Blend for a nice transparent effect.

How to use the Substance Painter 2021 Project

Each Texture Set in the Project has a "Color (Change Me)" layer at the very bottom of the layer stack. To quickly get started, simply set your desired color for the bright details on each of those layers, and export your textures. An example of adjusting the colors can be found in the second video on this listing.

With the Substance Painter Project, you're of course free to edit it as you wish too!

Have fun making your own shiny 'vali toy~

Where to get the Da'vali Model

The Da'vali model itself can be gotten for free.

Simply join the Avali Army Discord Server, accept the rules in #davali-avatar-rules and grab the files from #davali-assets.


By buying these files on Gumroad ( ), you have purchased the right to use them personally for any number of your own avatars. You may not sell recolors of these textures to anyone else.
You may recolor them for free for others that have purched them as well.
You may also take paid commissions for modifications from people that have purchased the textures, if you've bought the Substance Painter Project.
You're free to upload your avatars using these textures to any platform you wish (VRchat, ChilloutVR, NeosVR, etc.), but you may not create freely available public avatars with them.
You're also not allowed, to distribute any of the files or modifications thereof to other people or organisations, that haven't bought them themselves.

Since this is a purely digital product, no refunds will be issued.


You can contact me on my Business Twitter, or through the Group and Details attached to my Telegram Channel. You can also find me on the above-linked Avali Army, as well as the SD and Neos Discord Servers.

In-game images taken in NeosVR.

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Toy Suit Davali Textures / Substance Painter Project

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